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2019/3/13 14:14:00



标题:Efficiency of Automatic Design in the Production Preparation Process for an Intelligent Factory


简介:This article presents the research on the efficiency of performance of automatic design of variant products system, including the process of product variant configuration, preparation of the 3D model in CAD system and the preparation of the assembly instructions for the manufacturing positions. The variants of the described product take the form of various combinations of individual assembly parts combined together and constitute an example of customized products, and the process of their manufacture (assembly) is the subject of the research carried out in the SmartFactory Laboratory at the Poznan University of Technology.

来源:会议名《Intelligent systems in production engineering and maintenance /》年:2019 543552 会议:International Conference on Intelligent Systems in Production Engineering and Maintenance日期:2018-09-17 届次:2nd  ISBN9783319974897




标题:Opinion Piece: Industry 4.0 and the changing job landscape

参考译名: 工业4.0和随之而来变化的就业前景

简介:The world as we know it is on the brink of a revolution, driven by emerging technologies that are set to fundamentally alter our lives in unprecedented and unanticipated ways. This shift to Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, hinges off the increasing pervasiveness of digitisation. As machines become more ‘intelligent’ and capable of learning, they are able to perform more and more tasks that were previously not possible. While this opens up many possibilities, it also means that the job landscape will become a very different place. As machines take over many mundane, repetitive tasks, some humans who previously performed these tasks will become redundant. Organisations in general, and HR departments in particular, will need to re-examine the way resources are deployed, and potentially invest in new skills for jobs that currently do not exist.

来源:全球制造业杂志  2019/02/21




标题:Expert comment: The future of waste in a digital world


简介:Waste. It’s a word we are all familiar with in the manufacturing industry and a challenge that we grapple with continuously. It comes in many different forms, not only from the raw materials, components, or defective products that never make it in to the hands of paying customers, but in the resources used throughout each stage of the manufacturing process - such as labour, energy, storage, transportation and assets including plant and machinery - which are consumed but do not contribute towards overall revenue. Put simply, waste is the cost of inputs that are not monetised, and therefore outputs in efficiency, productivity, agility and quality are all proxies for waste.

来源:全球制造业杂志  2019/03/09






标题:Evolution of clustering techniques in designing cellular manufacturing systems: A state-of-art review


简介:This paper presents a review of clustering and mathematical programming methods and their impacts on cell forming (CF) and scheduling problems. In-depth analysis is carried out by reviewing 105 dominant research papers from 1972 to 2017 available in the literature. Advantages, limitations and drawbacks of 11 clustering methods in addition to 8 meta-heuristics are also discussed. The domains of studied methods include cell forming, material transferring, voids, exceptional elements, bottleneck machines and uncertain product demands. Since most of the studied models are NP-hard, in each section of this research, a deep research on heuristics and metaheuristics beside the exact methods are provided. Outcomes of this work could determine some existing gaps in the knowledge base and provide directives for objectives of this research as well as future research which would help in clarifying many related questions in cellular manufacturing systems (CMS).

来源:【刊名】:International Journal of Industrial Engineering ComputationsISSN】:1923-2926EISSN】:1923-2934【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2019 Vol.10 No.2




标题:A Methodology to Align Core Manufacturing Capabilities with Sustainable Manufacturing Strategies


简介:How do core business and manufacturing capabilities enable strategies for sustainable manufacturing, and what are those capabilities? This paper proposes a Capability Methodology for Sustainable Manufacturing (CMSM) for allowing top management of manufacturing companies to address these questions. A diagnostic tool was developed from three case studies based on a set of interview questions aimed at identifying core capabilities and sustainability issues in manufacturing companies. Interview data was coded and mapped through a relational matrix formulation that describes four archetypes for the development of sustainability strategies. The matrix maps the degree of complexity of the sustainability concept as understood by the company, and the scope of the product life cycle being considered. It is argued that the methodology helps bring awareness to managers of any gaps or mismatches between their actual core capabilities and the desired outcomes for sustainable manufacturing.

来源:【刊名】:Procedia CIRPISSN】:2212-8271【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.69






标题:Our Approach to Automated Driving System Safety


简介:At Apple, by relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation and design, we believe that it is possible to dramatically improve the safety and well-being of our customers. Our interdisciplinary approach and position at the intersection of technology and liberal arts influences not just our focus on creating great user experiences for our customers, but also our desire to leave the world better than we found it. Apple uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our products and services smarter, more intuitive, and more personalized. We are investing heavily in the study of machine learning and automation, and we are excited about the potential of automated systems in many areas, including transportation. In particular, we believe that automated driving systems (ADS) have the promise to greatly enhance the human experience in three key areas: improving road safety, increasing mobility, and realizing broader societal benefits.

来源:NHTSA | National Highway Traffic Safety Administration 2019.2




标题:Tesla Supercharger V3: Everything You Need To Know


简介:Not too long ago, it seemed Tesla would make an announcement, and we’d still have plenty of questions. Sometimes press releases were few and far between and/or the company wouldn’t update information on its website very quickly. Then, we’d have to count on Musk to provide more info via Twitter, which was sometimes true, and other times not so clear and/or changed and corrected at a later date. We’re happy to report that times are changing.Late last evening, we covered the launch of Tesla’s new Supercharger Version 3.0 (V3 Supercharger). Sadly, there was no working livestream, but we were fortunate to get all the information out ahead of others. This is because Tesla was not only timely with the reveal itself, but also with sending us multiple communications about the new technology.

来源:TeslaMarch 7, 2019




标题:Special report: Designing the autonomous vehicle---Automotive World considers the importance of design in a world of autonomous vehicles

参考译名: 专题报道:设计在自动驾驶汽车中的重要性

简介:In a world of on-demand, autonomous ride-hailing, the next available vehicle may be more desirable than the next attractive vehicle. Autonomous ride-sharing will be all about convenience, and not about style. That’s one argument. Others suggest that, in a world of highly competitive mobility service delivery, standing out will be a key differentiator. In this report, Automotive World presents a variety of perspectives on the role and importance of design in the race to the autonomous vehicle. Interior and exterior design are considered, as well as safety, convenience and style in vehicles ranging from passenger cars and microshuttles through to heavy trucks.

来源:汽车世界AW 2019225






标题:AM Adoption in Aerospace


简介:At an impressive pace, companies in the aerospace industry are building in-house capacity and expanding the number of certified suppliers in additive manufacturing. The Federal Aviation Administration and others have indicated to me that a half dozen or more metal AM parts have been certified for flight. In the 2014 to 2016 time frame, I saw more than 30 new designs for metal AM at Airbus and its subsidiary Premium AEROTEC. It is believed that hundreds of different polymer AM parts (i.e., part numbers) are flying on aircraft around the world. Boeing, alone, had more than 60,000 parts flying on a minimum of 16 different military and commercial aircraft in June 2018.

来源:February 23, 2019




标题:An Assessment on Additive Manufacturing Technique to Fabricate Integral PEM Fuel Cell/Electrolyser Component


简介:Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a reliable technique to build multifunctional components with any complex geometry. The present paper assesses the role of two vital AM techniques, namely Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) and Selective Laser Melting (SLM) in the fabrication of integral Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM) fuel cell/electrolyser component. Thus, the paper integrates the state-of-the-art technologies, namely additive manufacturing and fuel cell/electrolyser engineering. The US department of energy (US-DoE) target can be comprehensively accomplished for the fuel cell/electrolyser stack components in a cost-effective approach. The fundamental PEM fuel cell/electrolyser components considered in the present study are the bipolar plate and gas diffusion layer (GDL).

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.172【起止页】: 7

链接: http://dx.doi.org/10.1051/matecconf/201817204005



标题:University of British Columbia researchers create 3D printed 'artificial nose' to detect gas


简介:An “artificial nose” capable of detecting various gases has been 3D printed at the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus. The nose is a powerful organ; it enables humans to smell food from great distances, it alerts us to poisons and smoke as well as rotting flesh, and it even helps us store and recall memories. Replicating the nose would be a huge breakthrough, and researchers at UBC are part of the way there with a 3D printed microfluidic gas detector.

来源:Mar 8, 2019    www.3ders.org/






标题:Industrial Internet Consortium progress reports4Q-2018


简介:Industrial Internet Consortium progress reports keep members up-to-date on the work being accomplished on a quarterly basis. These updates involve various task and working group deliverables like publications and case studies, as well as the progress of testbeds. It also includes upcoming Industrial Internet Consortium events.Members gain experience they could never have as non-members. They experience member meetings unlike any local meet-up groups.

来源:ICC 2018.12.12






简介:The Industrial Internet Consortium? (IIC?), now incorporating OpenFog, announces the Security Maturity Model (SMM) Practitioner’s Guide, which provides detailed actionable guidance enabling IoT stakeholders to assess and manage the security maturity of IoT systems. Along with the publication of the SMM Practitioner’s Guide is an update to the IoT SMM: Description and Intended Use White Paper, which provides an introduction to the concepts and approach of the SMM. This white paper has been updated for consistency with the SMM Practitioner’s Guide, including revised diagrams and updated terminology.

来源:ICC FEBRUARY 25, 2019




标题:The Internet of Things: Enabling Artificial Intelligence


简介:In recent years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become an increasingly prominent concept, and the benefits associated with this technology are seemingly limitless. The interest in the IoT stems from its elasticity and scalability and scholars, researchers, and investors alike are increasingly turning their attention to how best to harness this powerful concept. One area that has become of specific interest relates to the vast amount of data that is generated by the sensors that form the diverse networks that sit at the core of the IoT. More and more opportunities to collate and harness this data are emerging, and the collection of intelligence can be of significant value politically, economically, and socially. This article hence examines some of the ways in which the IoT can be employed to advance the artificial intelligence (AI). Furthermore, this article presents and discusses the limitations of the current systems and propose recommendations for the future direction.

来源:出处:《International Journal of Hyperconnectivity and the Internet of Things》年:2018,2(1)






标题:GE Puts Debt Cuts in Forefront With $21 Billion Asset Sale


简介:General Electric Co. is taking a big step toward its goal of deleveraging its $121 billion debt load by selling part of its fast-growing life sciences division.

The industrial giant agreed to sell its biopharma business to Danaher Corp. for total consideration of $21.4 billion to help pay down debt, according to a statement Monday. The transaction is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year.

来源:Feb 25, 2019   industryweek




标题:USPTO Approves Authentise Secure Streaming and Monitoring Patent for Digital Manufacturing


简介:Authentise (www.authentise.com), the leader in data-driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing, today announced that the USPTO has approved its patent: ‘System, method and Program Product for Digital Production Management.’The patent shows how streaming designs or machine code directly into manufacturing devices (down the PLCs that control the individual movements within the machine, eventually) can help not only protect the intellectual property of the part but enable remote integrity control (by monitoring the feedback remotely) and close the loop completely by making remote in-process amendments, such as integrating watermarks in the object once we’ve verified that the part was produced correctly.

来源:America MakeFebruary 28, 2019




标题:3M has announced its decision to convert to renewable energy with immediate effect


简介:Amassing $33bn in sales, global manufacturing and technology leader 3M has illustrated its commitment to utilise 100% renewable electricity at all its facilities around the world, beginning with its own headquarters. It filters into its ambitious 2025 goals, where the business has also been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for close to two decades. 3M is flipping the switch to becoming powered 100% by renewable energy,” stated 3M CEO Mike Roman in a recent press release. “We are continuing to step up our leadership towards a more sustainable future – in our own operations, and in solutions for our customers.”

来源:全球制造业杂志  2019/03/01






标题:A numerical scheme for the thermodynamic analysis of gas turbines


简介:In this work we present a numerical scheme for the steady-state thermodynamic analysis of gas turbine engines. As usual in the literature, it is based on modelling the gas turbine as a set of independent components connected through nodes, thus giving the user great flexibility to modify the gas turbine's model and to define and include new components. Additionally, the proposed method provides the same flexibility for the inclusion of new gas properties calculators and nonlinear equations solvers. The simulator also allows identifying the characteristic parameters of the different components of the gas turbine -such as the compressor's nominal pressure ratio and efficiency- from a batch of operation data. The latter task is accomplished by means of a systematic and computationally economic procedure which allows that the parameters identification be performed component-bycomponent and does not require any full gas turbine simulations. The scheme has been formulated so that it exploits the full capabilities of today's computers and mathematical techniques -such as sparse matrix solvers and quasi-Newton methods for sparse jacobians- but, at the same time, remains simple enough to be self-implemented by the interested researchers with the aid of general-purpose mathematical computing software such as Matlab. The simulator has been applied to predict the performance of a real gas turbine, obtaining excellent results.

来源:刊名《Applied thermal engineering: Design, processes, equipment, economics》年:2019,147 521536语种:英语 分类号:TK1; TK12 ISSN1359-4311





标题:Optimization of Forming Process Parameters in Sheet Metal Forming Of Reinf-Rr End Upr-Lh/Rh for Safe Thinning


简介:During the forming process of sheet metal component i.e., REINF-RR END UPR-LH/RH, defects such as wrinkle and thinning is observed. These defects can be reduced by varying the process parameters by trial and error method which loss in time and money. The final component is obtained in its desired quality by optimizing the various process parameters which affect more on the forming process. This requires thorough knowledge about the process and expertise in tool design. In this project, Finite element method (FEM) is used to analyze the strain and thickness variations during the REINF-RR END UPR-LH/RH forming process and optimization is carried out using Design of experiment (DOE) technique. In this case, HYPERFORM software is used for the simulation of the component which avoids manufacturing the tool for the tryout. The optimization of process parameters is done by using DOE by Taguchi's orthogonal arrays in Minitab software. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) is used to find out most effective parameter. The result of optimization is validated with actual formed component with same optimized parameters.

来源:【刊名】:International Journal of Engineering Research and ApplicationsISSN】:2248-9622

【出版信息】:2018 Vol.8 No.8





标题:The Vortex Aircooler System for Cutting Materials in Aerospace Industry


简介:In aerospace industry there is a situation, when it is not possible to use liquid cooling of cutting zone, because we have special material or special construction. How often in that case used air fluent, but it has some problems with life cycle tools, quality and cutting time. For solving these problems was use the vortex effect, it was open less than one hundred years ago. The unit for making vortex effect is could vortex tube. It was done the design the vortex tube of air cooler system for cutting using some researching [1-5]. Some experimental dates gave verification. The construction was made by metal materials and now is using on JSC ?Salut?, Samara.

来源:【刊名】:MATEC Web of ConferencesEISSN】:2261-236X【语种】:eng【出版信息】:2018 Vol.179【起止页】:6