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《国际科技文献速递:通用机械》     2024年  第 04 期

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【标题】HEAT PUMPS: Scottish boiler specialist creates heat pump division


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Andrew Gaved

【摘要】 Heat specialist the Edinburgh Boiler Company(EBC) will create a new air source heat pump division as it looks to expand its low carbon heating solutions. The announcement has been made at a time when more homeowners and businesses are looking to take advantage of funding schemes set up by the Scottish Government, the boiler specialist said. These schemes include financing that is offered through the Home Energy Scotland initiative established by devolved authorities in Scotland to advise and support households to adopt low carbon systems.

【参考中译】 热力专家爱丁堡锅炉公司(EBC)将创建一个新的空气源热泵部门,以扩大其低碳供暖解决方案。这位锅炉专家表示,这一消息是在越来越多的房主和企业寻求利用苏格兰政府设立的资助计划之际做出的。这些计划包括通过苏格兰权力下放当局设立的苏格兰家庭能源计划提供的融资,旨在建议和支持家庭采用低碳系统。

【来源】 H&V News 2023, no.Dec.

【入库时间】 2024/5/31



【标题】Pressure Relief Valve Basics - Spring-Loaded Safety Relief Valves


【类型】 期刊


【摘要】 Learn for the first time or brush up on this common valve product. Pressure relief valves have been around for hundreds of years and continue to play a very important role as the last line of defense for the protection of life and property in the event of an overpressure event. Depending on your expertise level, this article could be a great starting point to learn everything about the basics of pressure relief valves or this could be a refresher for those who like to double-check and compare notes. This article will be the first in a series of three where we will introduce three types of pressure relief valves. In this first article, we will cover the operational basics of a spring-loaded safety relief valve. In future articles, our second installment will cover the operation of a pilot-operated safety relief valve and a third installment will cover the operation of safety valves.

【参考中译】 第一次学习或复习这种常见阀门产品。减压阀已经存在了数百年,作为发生超压事件时保护生命和财产的最后一道防线,继续发挥着非常重要的作用。根据您的专业知识水平,本文可能是了解减压阀基础知识的一个很好的起点,或者对于那些喜欢仔细检查和比较笔记的人来说,这可能是一个重温。本文将是我们将介绍三种类型的减压阀的三篇系列文章中的第一篇。在这第一篇文章中,我们将介绍弹簧式安全溢流阀的操作基础知识。在未来的文章中,我们的第二部分将涵盖先导操作安全阀的操作,第三部分将涵盖安全阀的操作。

【来源】 Valve Magazine 2023, vol.35, no.4

【入库时间】 2024/5/31



【标题】Manufacturer celebrates two-millionth blower product


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Colin Granger

【摘要】 Elmo Rietschle, which operates from its Bad Neustadt factory in northern Bavaria (Germany), is owned by Ingersoll Rand Inc, and supplied critical side-channel blowers for ventilators procured by the German government at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, recently celebrated manufacturing its two millionth product. Founded two decades ago when it was 'carved out' from Siemens, the company specialises in the design and manufacture of side-channel blowers and liquid pumps for a range of industries, including medical, food, beverages, packaging, plastics, and woodworking.

【参考中译】 Elmo Rietschle在巴伐利亚州北部的巴德诺伊施塔特工厂运营,隶属于Ingersoll Rand Inc.,为德国政府在冠状病毒爆发高峰期采购的呼吸机提供关键的侧通道鼓风机,最近庆祝其生产了第200万个产品。该公司成立于二十年前,当时是从西门子“剥离”出来的,专门为医疗、食品、饮料、包装、塑料和木工等一系列行业设计和制造侧通道鼓风机和液体泵。

【来源】 Machinery Market 2024

【入库时间】 2024/5/31



【标题】Kaeser Air Compressors


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Rod Sutton

【摘要】 The M250E/M255E skid-mounted air compressors provide 565 to 990 cfm with pressures ranging from 87 to 200 psig. Pressure is adjustable to suit the application's specific requirements. The 185-horsepower M250E electric air compressor provides 125 psi with 885 cfm of low, 175 psi with 705 cfm, and 200 psi with 565 cfm.

【参考中译】 M250 E/M255 E撬装式空气压缩机提供565至990立方英尺的压力,范围为87至200磅/平方英寸。压力可以调整,以适应应用的特定要求。185马力M250 E电动空气压缩机提供125磅/平方英寸(885立方英尺)的低压、175磅/平方英寸(705立方英尺)和200磅/平方英寸(565立方英尺)的低压。

【来源】 Construction Equipment 2023, no.Nov/Dec

【入库时间】 2024/5/31



【标题】Integrally geared compressor innovations for air separation units


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Lukas Biyikli

【摘要】 For many years, integrally geared compressors (IGCs) have been the technology of choice for air separation plants. This is primarily due to their high efficiency, which directly results in lower specific oxygen, nitrogen, and noble gas costs. However, with the growing focus on decarbonization, new demands are being placed on IGCs, particularly when it comes to efficiency and turndown flexibility. CAPEX also continues to be an important factor for plant operators, especially in small and midsize applications.

【参考中译】 多年来,整体齿轮压缩机(IGCs)一直是空气分离装置的首选技术。这主要是由于它们的高效率,这直接导致较低的比氧、氮和稀有气体成本。然而,随着人们对脱碳的日益关注,对IGCs提出了新的要求,特别是在效率和夜床灵活性方面。资本支出仍然是工厂运营商的一个重要因素,尤其是在中小型应用中。

【来源】 CompressorTech Two 2023, vol.28, no.10

【入库时间】 2024/5/31



【标题】Semi-supervised fault diagnosis of gearbox based on feature pre-extraction mechanism and improved generative adversarial networks under limited labeled samples and noise environment


【类型】 期刊

【关键词】 Fault diagnosis; Gearbox; Generative adversarial network; Wavelet transform

【参考中译】 故障诊断;齿轮箱;生成对抗网络;子波变换

【作者】 Lijie Zhang; Bin Wang; Pengfei Liang; Xiaoming Yuan; Na Li

【摘要】 Gearboxes are the most widely used component to transfer speed and power in many industries, and high precision gearbox fault diagnosis (FD) is pretty crucial for ensuring the safe operation of the machine. However, traditional FD methods often need a great quantity of labeled data, and are prone to noise interference in practical work, resulting in a relatively low diagnosis accuracy. With the intention of overcoming these problems, this paper proposes a semi-supervised FD approach based on feature pre-extraction mechanism and improved generative adversarial network (IGAN). First, the data is preprocessed by the feature pre-extraction mechanism based on wavelet transform. Then, limited labeled samples and a large number of unlabeled samples are sent to the IGAN model. Finally, two typical gearbox fault datasets are utilized to evaluate the feasibility and effectiveness of the proposed approach in limited labeled samples and noise environment. Trial results denote that the proposed approach has better diagnosis accuracy and anti-noise robustness than other approaches.

【参考中译】 变速箱是许多行业中应用最广泛的传递速度和动力的部件,而高精度的变速箱故障诊断是确保机器安全运行的关键。然而,传统的故障诊断方法往往需要大量的标注数据,并且在实际工作中容易受到噪声的干扰,导致诊断准确率相对较低。针对这些问题,本文提出了一种基于特征预提取机制和改进的生成对抗网络(IGAN)的半监督FD方法。首先,利用基于小波变换的特征预提取机制对数据进行预处理。然后,将有限的已标记样本和大量未标记样本发送到IGAN模型。最后,利用两个典型的齿轮箱故障数据集对该方法在有限标签样本和噪声环境下的可行性和有效性进行了评估。实验结果表明,与其他方法相比,该方法具有更好的诊断精度和抗噪能力。

【来源】 Advanced engineering informatics 2023, vol.58

【入库时间】 2024/5/31


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