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《国际科技文献速递:通用机械》     2023年  第 11 期

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【类型】 期刊


【摘要】 The innovators at Bullet Proof Diesel have designed an upgraded water pump for the 5.9L and 6.7L Cummins. This unit will fit 1989-2022 Cummins 5.9L and 6.7L Engines designed for maximum durability. The Bulletproof Cummins Water Pump features a metal impeller in place of the OEM plastic impeller, a lightweight aluminum drive pulley with cooling fan action, a larger more durable ball bearing assembly, a new robust seal, and a precision machined aluminum housing.

【参考中译】 防弹柴油公司的创新者为5.9L和6.7L康明斯设计了升级版的水泵。这一单元将安装1989-2022年康明斯5.9L和6.7L发动机,旨在实现最大的耐用性。防弹康明斯水泵以金属叶轮取代OEM塑料叶轮、具有冷却风扇动作的轻型铝驱动皮带轮、更大更耐用的滚珠轴承组件、新的坚固密封和精密加工的铝外壳为特色。

【来源】 Diesel World 2023, vol.18, no.7

【入库时间】 2023/11/28



【标题】Practical Preservation Strategies for Valves


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Cortec Corporation

【摘要】 (P&GJ) - Ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, butterfly valves, check valves and valve assemblies: all these are common and critical components in the oil and gas industry. Their job of regulating hazardous fluid flow in pipelines and piping systems underscores the importance of keeping them in peak operating condition. Unfortunately, one of the most common enemies of valve integrity is rust, which can attack and deteriorate valves during hydrotesting, shipping, and layup. The following tips from Cortec Corporation provide preservation guidelines during the three main phases of a valve's non-operational life-cycle. Phase 1: The Long Haul - Before a pipeline () or plant starts operating, thousands of components must be fabricated, assembled, and shipped to the construction site. Valves must be hydrostatically tested by the valve manufacturer to ensure no leaks.

【参考中译】 (宝洁)-球阀、闸阀、截止阀、蝶阀、止回阀和阀门总成:所有这些都是石油和天然气行业中常见的关键部件。他们的工作是调节管道和管道系统中的危险流体流动,这突显了使他们保持在高峰运行状态的重要性。不幸的是,阀门完整性最常见的敌人之一是铁锈,它会在水压测试、运输和铺设过程中侵蚀和恶化阀门。CORTEC CORPORATION的以下技巧在阀门非运行生命周期的三个主要阶段提供了维护指南。阶段1:长途运输-在管道()或工厂开始运行之前,必须制造、组装并运往施工现场。阀门必须由阀门制造商进行水压测试,以确保没有泄漏。

【来源】 Pipeline & Gas Journal 2023, vol.250, no.5

【入库时间】 2023/11/28



【标题】Green machine tools' help make energy-saving air blowers


【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Colin Granger

【摘要】 There is a parallel between a new, low-pressure air compressor (blower) manufactured by the British firm Lontra (www.lontra.co.uk) and the Japanese-built turn-mill centre from Okuma that is used to machine one of Lontra' s key blower components. Both pieces of equipment have been engineered for maximum environmental sustainability while operating and both use Industry 4.0 connectivity to make them even more efficient. Okuma's UK and Ireland sales agent is NCMT Ltd, Coventry (www.ncmt.co.uk). Describing the multi-tasking turn-milling application, NCMT said: "At the core of Lontra's LP2 Blade Blower is its custom-engineered, patented Blade Compressor positive displacement technology, a novel rotary piston and cylinder design that delivers oil-free air or gas at pressures up to about 1 bar. The LP2 Blade Blower unit is used in many industries ranging from water aeration, where electricity savings of up to 34% have been noted, through to food, pharmaceutical and other pneumatic conveying applications, for which similar energy reductions have been recorded. These blowers are also found in cement manufacture, mining, and power generation.

【参考中译】 英国Lontra公司(www.Lontra.co.uk)制造的一种新型低压空压机(鼓风机)与日本大沼市建造的用于加工Lontra“”S关键鼓风机部件之一的车床中心有相似之处。这两种设备在运行时都经过了最大限度的环境可持续性设计,都使用了Industry 4.0连接,使它们的效率更高。S在英国和爱尔兰的销售代理是英国考文垂的NCMT有限公司(www.ncmt.co.uk)。在描述这种多任务车削加工应用时,NCMT表示:“龙腾公司S LP2叶片鼓风机的核心是其定制的、获得专利的叶片压缩机正排量技术,这是一种新颖的旋转活塞和气缸设计,可以在压力高达1巴的情况下提供无油空气或气体。LP2叶片鼓风机用于许多行业,从水曝气(已注意到高达34%的节电),到食品、制药和其他气力输送应用,都有类似的节能记录。这些鼓风机也可以在水泥制造、采矿和发电中找到。

【来源】 Machinery Market 2023

【入库时间】 2023/11/28





【类型】 期刊


【摘要】 Compressor technology has been evolving since the earliest days of air conditioning; the time has come to embrace the latest generation. It was one spring day in the mid-1970's that I tagged along with an experienced refrigeration technician on a residential service call. My task that day, as a neophyte helper, was to carry tools and equipment in and out of a fabulous mansion located just north of downtown Toronto.

【参考中译】 从最早的空调时代起,压缩机技术就一直在发展,现在是拥抱最新一代的时候了。那是20世纪70年代中期的一个春日,我和一位经验丰富的制冷技术员一起打了一个住宅服务电话。那天,作为一名新手,我的任务是携带工具和设备进出位于多伦多市中心北部的一座豪华豪宅。

【来源】 Heating, Plumbing, Air Conditioning 2023, vol.97, no.3

【入库时间】 2023/11/28



【标题】Airmaster Cooling Range - now with Portable Air Purifier, Dehumidifier and Evaporative Coolers

【参考中译】Airmaster Cooling Range -现在配备便携式空气净化器、除湿器和蒸发冷却器

【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Lisa Peake

【摘要】 Airmaster is long established as a key brand in Air cooling with comprehensive ranges of table and floor fans, encompassing both premium and economy options to key products. Aircon units have been added in recent years, with 2023 enhancements to both 9,000 and 12,000 BTU units now with quieter operation and complete with wifi app controlled versions. There are three further major additions for this year. The first edition is a portable air purifier. This 22w floor standing unit, for room sizes from 17 to 30m2, features a high efficiency filter and clear LED display. A similarly portable compact Dehumidifier is next. Designed for quiet operation, this 12 litre refrigerant and auto frost detector is fitted with omni-directional wheels for ease of movement. The final new addition is a floor standing Evaporation Cooling Tower, cooling air by water evaporation. With three fan speeds this unit has a remote control seven-hour programmable timer, with an auto pump shutdown protection when waterless.

【参考中译】 AirMaster长期以来一直是空气冷却领域的关键品牌,拥有全面的台式和地板式风扇,涵盖了关键产品的高级和经济型选项。近年来增加了空调设备,2023年对9000和12,000个BTU设备进行了增强,现在运行更安静,并配备了WiFi应用程序控制版本。今年还有三个主要的补充。第一版是便携式空气净化器。这款22W的落地式设备适用于17至30平方米的房间,配有高效过滤器和清晰的LED显示屏。紧随其后的是类似的便携式紧凑型除湿器。这款12升制冷剂和自动结霜探测器专为安静操作而设计,配备了全方位轮子,便于移动。最后一个新增加的是落地式蒸发冷却塔,通过水蒸发来冷却空气。有三个风扇速度,这个单位有一个远程控制七小时可编程定时器,与自动泵关闭保护时,无水。

【来源】 Electrical Times 2023, no.Jun.

【入库时间】 2023/11/28





【类型】 期刊

【作者】 Elliott Roberts

【摘要】 Every car has one. Every driver uses one. But they have a much bigger effect on a car's performance than many realise. Here's the PVW's Gearbox Guide... There are some things in the car world you just take for granted. Gearboxes are the perfect example. Every driver understands how to use them and most car enthusiasts understand what gear to be in for best performance in a given situation. But how many people can actually explain what a gearbox does? Not many, we bet. But that's perfectly understandable, as not only is it quite a hard thing to understand. But on the face of it, understanding gearboxes doesn't seem to be any big advantage to even the most ardent car tuning fan.

【参考中译】 每辆车都有一辆。每个司机都用一辆。但它们对S赛车性能的影响比许多人意识到的要大得多。这里是《大众S》S变速箱指南..。在汽车世界里,有些事情你只是认为是理所当然的。变速箱就是一个完美的例子。每个司机都知道如何使用它们,大多数汽车爱好者都知道在特定情况下应该采取什么措施才能获得最佳性能。但有多少人能真正解释变速箱的作用呢?我们打赌,不会很多。但S完全可以理解,因为这不仅是一件很难理解的事情。但从表面上看,即使是最狂热的汽车调谐迷,了解变速箱似乎也不会有什么大的优势。

【来源】 Performance VW 2023, no.Sep.

【入库时间】 2023/11/28


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